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I first found out about RECLAR products through my friend. For her age, she looked stunning as she has skin without any wrinkles. She told me she is using a RECLAR peeler, and because my wife’s birthday was coming up, I started browsing the internet. Such a present would definitely delight her.

The peeler wasn’t available in Europe at that time, except for a handful of vendors that were selling it for more than 600 euros. Whatever the miracle was supposed to be, this price was a little over the top. And so I browsed some more. I found out that the peeler is made in Korea, which is known for the highest quality cosmetics anywhere in the world. I summoned all my efforts and managed to order a few RECLAR peelers, for my friends who also showed interest, straight from the manufacturer.

My wife was very excited about her present. It was not long before her friends started to begin showing interest too, after having learnt about the peeler’s miraculous effects. They didn’t know where to buy the peeler. And so, I said to myself that I would help these ladies. I started dealing with the Korean manufacturer, and in 2017 I managed to establish a business partnership.

Before launching sales of the product, I tested the product in beauty salons, among other places. Beauticians could not get enough of it. According to many, it was even better than the more expensive and “powerful” products from the competition. The RECLAR peeler helped their clients not only with skin rejuvenation but also with other problems such as acne.

After more negotiations with the manufacturer, I managed to obtain a much more reasonable price of which, the product is now available for home use by the customer. I went from a present for my wife to opening the e-shop.

I am delighted that I have managed to put together a positive thinking team with whom we provide distribution of all RECLAR products across the whole EU. And so now we can help women across Europe achieve beautiful, vibrant and healthy skin!

Jan Smid

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