RECLAR ION MIST ionization spray 24H

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Ion spray RECLAR ION MIST 24H protects your skin from external influences and impurities during 24 hours. Apply every morning and your skin will be perfectly protected for the whole day!

  • Sterilises skin by UV light and protects it from external influences and impurities
  • Grants rich nutrition and necessary moisture to your skin in combination with a RECLAR Camelia exclusive filling
  • Nutrition and moisture is deeply absorbed thanks to ionisation
  • Intensifies the effects of serums and creams and thus helps skin toning
  • This convenient ion spray fits into your handbag and can go anywhere with you
  • Simple and quick use
  • Two elegant colours available – black or white
  • Camelia essence is not part of a package, you can order it here



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RECLAR Ion Mist sprayer manual

ION Mist spray RECLAR
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RECLAR Ion Mist sprayer - black and white

ION Mist Spray
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RECLAR ION MIST 24H significantly boosts absorption of serums or creams into your skin while also refreshes your skin and protects it from external influences during your day. Perfectly hydrated, radiant and rejuvenated skin is one step closer!

Galvanic ion care

RECLAR ION MIST ion spray contains an ultrasound vibrating device. When switched on your skin is subjected to galvanic ionisation and gentle application of the spray.

Ionisation helps with the absorption of nutrients from cosmetic products into your skin.

Maximises moisture absorption so your skin is perfectly hydrated and immediately refreshed.

Sterilisation by LED UV light

Your skin is sterilised by LED UV light during the application. That helps in preventing acne by applying pure cosmetic product.

INO MIST can be applied before or after make-up. By that you are protecting your skin from germs which can be left on your hands or cosmetic brushes. You can also use it anytime during the day to refresh your skin.

RECLAR toner for skin care

We recommend you to use our Camelia toner instead of water for the best results. It contains an extract from camellias and helps prevent ageing of your skin. Your skin will be left perfectly refreshed and beautiful! Camelia essence is not part of a package. You can order it here.

Additional information


Black, White

How it works?

Using RECLAR ION MIST is extremely easy. One press of a button and it’s done”

How to use?

  1. Remove the top part and fill the container if it’s empty.
  2. Make sure your fingers are in contact with the ion electrode on the top of the device (silver part).
  3. Aim the spray at your face and press the button. The device will release a fine mist along with white LED light and will ionise your skin.
  4. Wait until the spraying is done. It automatically stops after 20 seconds.
  5. If your skin still feels dry you can repeat the process.
  6. The liquid helps you absorb water by the ionising effect.


How often should I use the spray?
That depends on you and the condition of your skin. The spray can be used multiple times a day if you have very dry skin.

Should I use the spray rather in the morning or in the evening?
You can use the spray in the evening during skin cleansing and it will boost the effects of applied serum or cream. It is also advisable to use the spray in the morning before make-up. Your skin is then protected against germs for the whole day. You can use the spray multiple times a day if you have very dry skin. The application is very simple, it fits into your handbag and can be carried into a plane.

Can I fill the device with water?
Yes, if you’re out of RECLAR tonic you can use water as well. Your skin will miss the nutritious effects the RECLAR tonic has but white LED light and ionisation will still be applied. For the best effects we recommend buying RECLAR tonic.

Where can I buy more RECLAR tonic?
Tonic can be bought separately here.

Can I apply the ION MIST on make-up?
Yes, the spray can be applied before or after make-up. In both cases, it helps protect the skin from impurities and germs which could be left on your hands or cosmetic brushes.

For how long will the RECLAR tonic last?
That largely depends on the frequency of usage. It should last for about a month with daily applications (once or twice a day).

Can I carry RECLAR ION MIST into a plane where the air is very dry?
Yes, this product is favoured among flight attendants because they reside in the dry air a lot. The size of the device and volume of the liquid (100ml) is all right for a plane so you can carry it with you on board. We recommend applying every 2 hours during flights. You will surely appreciate skin refreshing but also antibacterial effects. This recommendation goes for mountains and generally places where you can be met with dry air.

What’s the difference between black and white colour?
Those two are completely identical. The only difference is in the outer colour. You can choose whichever fits better into your handbag.


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