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Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days

Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days

We’d like to introduce you to Michaela, a nurse who sent us pictures of her skin before and after using our RECLAR Peeler. And because she works at the ICU, she has to wear not only a respirator but also a face mask with a face shield when dealing with the more vulnerable patients. Besides all the usual stress factors, her skin is also affected by these aspects of her job. The results of using our RECLAR Peeler for a mere 12 days are really breathtaking, and so we decided to also share her experience with you.


Why did you buy RECLAR Peeler – what was your reason and what were your expectations?

Hello, I discovered your Peeler by pure chance. I had long wanted to take better care of my skin, but even regular visits to the beauty salon did not help. I had always fought with skin issues and the current “face mask age” continues to take a toll. Our skin cannot breathe under the respirator, it steams up, gets irritated, porous and all in all tired. I carefully read through the reviews, recommendations for proper use and general satisfaction with your products, and then decided to give it a try. I expected my skin to get cleaner, my pores to get smaller, my skin tone to get unified. Wrinkle care was a pleasant bonus for me.

How long have you been using RECLAR?

I’ve been using your Peeler for a month.

What has changed in that time?

I dare say that my skin got better straight after the first full use. The pores shrunk and the skin got brighter. One of the foundations for a healthy skin is the use of high-quality cosmetic products that get worked into the skin by the Galvanic Peeler, which enhances their effects. I alternate between that and RECLAR serum. And the results?

Well, I think the BEFORE/AFTER photos speak for themselves.

Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days 1

How often do you use the individual features of the RECLAR Peeler?

I use ultra-sound peeling twice a week because, as is common for deep skin cleaning, it dries up the skin a bit. I compensate for that with other features of the peeler which, together with the serum, nourish the skin.

I use Blue light therapy every day after removing my make-up and cleaning my skin. I use Red light therapy every evening to help process my night creams.

Would you recommend RECLAR to your friends?

I would recommend the Galvanic Peeler to everyone who’s having skin issues. Despite the higher price, the investment really pays off. You can take professional care of your skin from the comfort of your home which, especially in today’s age, is a great advantage.

Is RECLAR Peeler replaceable for you?

RECLAR Peeler is unique in its interconnected features. Together, they form a perfect harmony for your skin. There is a number of other similar products designed to take care of your skin. I have, however, already chosen mine and I know I will not be replacing it; I am really satisfied with it.

Do you have any personal Beauty ritual you would like to share with our readers? 🙂

It may sound silly, but Ii created my first Beauty ritual with your Peeler.

In any case, I think every woman likes to have a grand BEAUTY DAY from time to time, be it with a foam-filled bath tub, a perfect manicure, face masks which – by the way – make us incredibly sexy, or anything else. It is important to keep that in mind and make some time for ourselves.

Every woman is beautiful, every woman is unique and every woman deserves time for herself. ❤️

Thank you for the interview

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Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling

Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic water peeling

The frequency of the galvanic peeler is 28kHz, thus has a low frequency, but at the same time has great power, strong penetration of the skin, and excellent stability. Ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 28kHz are able to disperse in water as fit well into the wavelength of the water.  Due to the high – water content of the human body (approximately 70%), the peeling has very good effects.

Effects of ultrasonic peeling

Peeling mode

Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 2

  • Scaling effect

Removes, cleanses, sterilises and peels waste from the skin and pores

Gold Blade

  1. Pure gold (99.9%) plating on the blade
  2. Reduces metal allergy
  3. High electrical conductivity increases galvanic synergy effect
  4. Gold has an anti-bacterial effect

Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 3

Galvanic current

The current circulates throughout the body and human tissue in a continuous and regular flow, revitalising tissue and favourably affecting both chemical and physical reactions within the body.

Features of galvanic devices

The galvanic device has an anode and a cathode. The peeler uses chemical changes which occur at both the positive and negative poles. Due to the action of the active and inactive electrode, this allows the current to permeate the skin more effectively.


Effect of penetrating the nutritional ampoule and essence into the skin


The fibres of the skin are activated by the generation of ultrasonic waves, which assists in the management of wrinkles and elasticity of the skin

Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 4

G-blue mode: Alkali reaction (cathode (-))Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 5

  • Voltage: High (40mV) / Low (-4,36V)
  • It increases blood supply to the skin through an alkaline reaction at the negative electrode (-), thereby improving blood circulation and helping the skin relax by the effect of neurostimulation.
  • Blue (470nm wavelength) LED (1mm transillumination). It is absorbed by the epithelial tissue of the skin. It stimulates porphyrin to produce more oxygen within the cell, which assists in sterilisation of the skin and acne treatment. A university study has shown that by irradiating the skin with 470nm LED on skin defects has assisted in wound healing.

G-Red Mode: Acid reaction (anode)+))Galvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 6

  • Voltage: High (4,48V) / Low (80mV)
  • It helps to regenerate the skin’s acid film by reacting with the acid at the positive electrode (+). It also has a whitening effect on pigmented areas and helps to improve and promote the skin’s regenerative abilities.
  • Red (624nm wavelength) LED (2mm transillumination) can penetrate the dermis of the skin, stimulate mitochondria and activate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which can help improve elasticity, minimise wrinkles and slow the effects of aging.

Test ReportGalvanic water peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling 7



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MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids?

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids?

RECLAR is a hypoallergenic galvanic peeler offering various “modern” technologies for your own home usage. It provides ultrasound skin cleaning, galvanisation and also blue and red LED light therapy.

It sounds perfectly engineered. Is it safe for home use?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is ultrasound skin cleaning? It’s a skin cleansing procedure which uses the help of a special device which emits ultrasound waves and high-frequency vibrations to remove dead cells and to rejuvenate the upper layer of the skin.

In other words, it’s a form of mechanical peeling which affects the first three layers of the skin. It’s recognised by professionals as one of the finest ways to treat the face. It helps to:

  • Significantly improve acne
  • Deeply clean clogged pores
  • Delicately soften the skin surface and thus smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve skin haemodynamics and metabolism
  • Provide deep hydration and lifting

As is commonly known, ultrasound has been safely used in medical diagnostics for a long time. For home usage, it is vitally important to use only high-quality devices that meet strict quality certifications, which RECLAR does.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 8

Ultrasound cleaning is in essence suitable for any age or skin type. There are, however, exceptions such as with skin diseases in which case, consider consulting your dermatologist regarding using the peeler.

RECLAR is predominantly effective for use on clogged pores. With regular usage, it will beautifully cleanse your skin, reduce the number of clogged pores, improve skin quality and thus extend the period between professional treatments in a salon.


  • Acne
  • Scars and pigment spots after acne
  • Enlargedpores
  • “Tired” skin
  • Skin with signs of ageing
  • And more :o)


    • Pacemaker
    • Bell’s palsy
    • Cardiovascular and oncological diseases
    • Pregnancy and lactation
    • Psoriasis or other chronic skin diseases
    • Couperose

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 9

A few words about the complexity of light therapy

LED therapy – Light-emitting diode therapy (light therapy) is a popular, non-invasive treatment of skin with acne, skin damaged by sun or with other skin diseases. It is possible to undergo this therapy in a dermatological office, beauty parlour or there is the possibility to use the device at home.

The treatment uses varying light wavelengths to induce natural skin healing processes. For results to be visible, multiple treatments are necessary.

Blue light lowers the activity of sebaceous glands and thus lowers the occurrence of acne. It can also destroy bacteria on the skin’s surface that cause inflammation (Propionibacterium acnes).

Red light reduces inflammation, improves signs of ageing and scar condition by affecting skin cells – fibroblasts – responsible for collagen production.

What is collagen good for? It’s a protein in the skin that plays a vital role in healing. With age, its production is reduced and the skin becomes weakened. And so, it is important to support its production, for example, with the use of the red light.

LED light therapy can help heal a plethora of skin disorders such as:

          • Acne
          • Dermatitis
          • Dull skin
          • Wound healing and inflammation

One of the main advantages of LED light therapy is its safety. According to research, it has a brilliant safety profile. It does not produce UV rays and as such is suitable for regular use. It doesn’t cause burns and the treatment is suitable for all skin types.

How to use?

The peeler is used on previously cleansed skin which should be left sufficiently damp. If needed, the skin can be moistened with a mineral water spray or wet make up pad with which we rub the skin.

We can use cosmetics with active substances such as salicylic or glycolic acid to clean the skin, but these substances are not suitable to apply to the skin as they can irritate it. If we want to lower the risk of irritation, I would opt for gentler substances such as Cetaphil, Cerave or Tolerianne by La Roche Posay.

The RECLAR peeler has a very informative manual so I won’t mention it here.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 10

We feel when our skin is dry and taut after usage. Reddening doesn’t usually occur. After use, the skin is ready for a facial mask according to skin type or current need. It doesn’t matter what brand of cosmetics you use because RECLAR will help you achieve a better result and care to get the most from your skincare routine.

To improve and cleanse the skin, RECLAR and the galvanisation process promotes the absorption of active substances from the serums and creams we use. After some time of regular usage, the need for exfoliation is reduced, but galvanisation and light therapy can be safely used daily. My favourite products – masks and serums, which can be used with RECLAR peeler, are described below.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 11

Hydrating, calming and vitamin by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND.

Using a hydrating serum is also suitable; it depends on your skin type and preference about what you currently need.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 12

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 13

Advantages of RECLAR peeler when used with retinoids

I also use retinoids in my skincare routine, specifically one of the most effective forms of retinoids, tretinoin as a gel with 0.025% concentration. Tretinoin as an active substance was initially used for treating acne. With time, it was discovered that patients had not only better acne but also “smoothed” wrinkles, firmer skin and brighter pigment spots.

It sounds like a miracle which made tretinoin into one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. For regular usage, I would opt for a more accessible form – Retinol or Retinaldehyde.

The peeler assists with exfoliation generated by retinoids

I wouldn’t use the RECLAR peeler for treatment given the strength of retinoids and their ability to irritate. It can manage superbly the subsequent extensive skin-stripping which is initially caused by retinoids.

You can fight this in many ways, for example with different peeling types – cream, lotionswith enzymes or with fine grains, but I don’t recommend those in this instance. For me, RECLAR fought the excessive skin-stripping brilliantly. I wasn’t irritated as the peeler is very fine. It is necessary to use it gently and not apply too much pressure.

Using RECLAR at home has proven great for me and I will be using it for a very long time. I believe it will find a place in your home as well and the investment is paid off by more beautiful and finer skin.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 14

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 15

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 16


MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 17My name is Katarína Bieleszová, I studied general medicine and I specialise in rehabilitation medicine. My original focus and life-long fascination has been dermatology which I pursue in my free time.

I am now glad to finally have a broader knowledge of skincare and especially in how we can help ourselves at home and get our skin to a higher level?? Not sure if this is suitable here?

I had long been searching for a device for effective but gentle exfoliation. RECLAR peeler has certainly met my expectations.

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Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray

Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray

UV light disinfection is a widely used method for sterilising water, households and even medical supplies. UV light, which is a part of our ION Mist spray, fights against bacteria and viruses, provides disinfection of the spray liquid and thus protects your skin from impurities. How exactly does UV disinfection work? Read all about it in the following article!

5 facts about UV disinfection you may not know

Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray 18

  • The effects of the sun rays were discovered in 1877
  • It was discovered that only a part of the spectrum has disinfecting effects – UV light
  • The first UV water treatment facility was established in Marseille in 1910
  • UV light damages viral and bacterial DNA and RNA and thus prevents them from multiplying
  • Today it is also used for sterilising medical supplies

What is UV light?

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays. An interesting fact is that, even though people are unable to see such light, some animals, for example, reindeer can see it. Why they can see it is a mystery for scientists.

There are 3 types of UV light – A, B and C. UV-C is the most effective, it works on a short distance and is most commonly used for sterilisation.

How does UV light fight bacteria and viruses?

Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray 19As already mentioned in the introduction, UV disinfection is not a new technology. UV light sterilising effects were discovered in the 19th century and have been used to disinfect water, air and items ever since. How does it work, though?

UV radiation damages all living organisms, including invisible ones – bacteria and viruses. Germicidal radiation affects the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses and stops them from reproducing and spreading. The effects of UV light have been proven via tests on the most common viruses, such as the flu.

UV light and water disinfection

Due to its ability to rid liquids of bacteria, UV light technology was initially used for water sterilisation. Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray 20To this day, this effect is very popular as it provides water sterilisation without causing damage to the environment with the use of chemicals.

In our ION Mist spray, the UV light performs liquid sterilisation as well. Upon spraying of the liquid onto skin, the UV light switches on, radiates the liquid and sterilises it. The liquid then disperses onto your skin completely sterile. Disinfecting the liquid stops bacteria from reproducing on the skin and it is then better protected against external influences.

UV light disinfection in medicine

UV light disinfection is currently very popular. It is commonly used in medicine to fight viruses and bacteria.

In hospitals, whole rooms are disinfected with UV light after the occupation of infectious patients suffering from various diseases caused by transmittable viruses. Thorough disinfection with UV light, this ensures hospitals work within a completely sterile environment even in departments with highly infectious patients.

Are you intrigued by the UV light effects? You can try them too with our ION Mist which will help you achieve perfectly clean and protected skin!

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Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects

Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects

Are you affected by tired, grey and lifeless skin? Hydrating and brightening serums and masks can get your skin back in to form and this article will provide tips on how to choose the correct products and maximise their effects. We’ll tell you how!

Tip 1: Choose the right mask for your skin

There are plenty of masks available on the market. How do you choose the right one? First, determine what you expect from the product and what is your skin lacking. Then, examine the contents of each mask and it will come naturally!

If your skin is dry, we recommend choosing a hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. These substances deeply hydrate your skin and leave it fresh and nourished. Thanks to their moisturising effects, they also significantly reduce wrinkles and over all rejuvenate your skin. You can say goodbye to unpleasant lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

If you suffer from acne or rashes, your mask should include an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This can be, for example, niacinamide which is also used for medicinal purposes. It fights inflammation, blackheads and even nodular acne. Regular use of a mask containing niacinamide can provide relief and make your skin healthier and more beautiful.

Is your skin almost perfect but you still have the feeling that it needs rejuvenating and brightening? Check to see if your mask contains natural herbal extracts as these will reward your skin with vitality and freshness which all of us need from time to time.

What type of mask should you choose? There are many different products, for example, thick creams, peel-off masks or paste-like black or other coloured masks. Today’s trend is so-called canvas masks which are easy to use – you just apply directly to your face and after several minutes (varies from mask to mask ), rinse off and you’re done.

Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects 21

Tip 2: Find yourself a serum with loaded content

We trust you’ve successfully chosen your mask and also recommend choosing a quality serum for best results. Is a serum necessary and why aren’t masks and creams sufficient? We’ll tell you everything about the effects of utilising a cosmetic serum below.

Serums usually contain a high concentration of active substances which help your skin regenerate more quickly. Like masks, they provide deep skin hydration and rid the skin of wrinkles. Thanks to high concentrations of active substances, serums can achieve results faster than creams or masks and as such, serve as a great supplement to them. They are mostly light coating, which is absorbed gradually and can be used, for example, under night cream.

Watch for ingredients described above as are usually in both masks and serums. You can never go wrong with sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide and natural extracts. Another fantastic element in serums is adenosine. Adenosine improves the elasticity of your skin and supports the effects of other rejuvenating substances. That’s why it shouldn’t be absent from your new serum.

Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects 22

Maybe you’ve already tried a couple of great masks or serums but did not feel or notice any difference in your skin. So, what’s up? The issue may be that the products did not penetrate the skin deeply enough. It would be a shame to spend money on good quality cosmetics and not have it absorb properly. Here are three things you can do to improve the absorption of your mask or serum.

Tip 3: Apply masks and serums on perfectly cleansed skin

This first rule may seem obvious, but it is not always the case. Even though you conscientiously remove your make-up daily with a make-up remover, your skin could be suffering from clogged pores. Natural sebum gets into the pores and cannot be cleansed with regular cleaning.

Perhaps, you are going to have a deep cleanse at a beauty parlour and so you think this may not apply to you. Be honest, how often do you find time to visit a beauty parlour? As little as 2 weeks is enough time for the pores to become clogged again. Regularity is key.

If you happen to neglect visits to your beauty parlour, you can try home cleansing. Beware, however, of squeezing your skin as it can hurt it more rather than be beneficial. Fortunately, there are devices for home cleansing, such as RECLAR ultrasound peeler, which effectively rids your skin of all impurities.

Tip 4: Support the absorption of cosmetic products with galvanisation

Your skin is perfectly cleansed and ready for a serum or mask application. Now, you also have another option on how to improve the effects of your quality cosmetic products and that is with the use of galvanic therapy. What does it have to offer and what are its effects?

Galvanisation sends a direct micro-current straight into the skin stimulating the cells. Galvanic therapy thus supports the deep absorption of cosmetic products into your skin. The current gets deep into the dermis layer where collagen and elastin are produced. Galvanisation helps nourish the skin from within and rejuvenate it.

The RECLAR peeler can be used for  galvanic therapy because not only  does it perform  ultrasound peeling and galvanisation, it also treats your skin with red and blue light. You can read everything about light therapy in our other blog post.

Tip 5: Ionise your skin regularly

Last, but not least, an effective trick for working products deep into your skin is ionisation. What is it and how exactly does it work?

Our skin always has a positive charge due to cations. Ionisation creates negative ions which act as a magnet in contact with our skin and significantly increases its absorption abilities. Cosmetic products are, thanks to ionisation, absorbed more deeply into the skin and thus effectively utilising all their benefits. For ionising your skin, you can use the  RECLAR ION Mist ionising spray.

Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects 23

Therefore, you are now equipped with the knowledge on how to fight dry skin and achieve a beautiful and nourished complexion. If you regularly use and follow the tips provided, you can look forward to beautiful and rejuvenated skin within a couple of weeks!


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Skin Galvanisation – The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne?

Skin Galvanisation - The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne?

Skin galvanisation is best known as a therapy highly effective against wrinkles. However, it has great results combatting acne as well! What does galvanisation mean and how does it help our skin? In this article, you will understand why the galvanic spa is among the most effective anti-age trends of today.

5  facts about skin galvanisationSkin Galvanisation - The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne? 24

  • Experts call skin galvanisation a “non-invasive facelift” – it helps fight wrinkles without a needle
  • It is anti-inflammatory and thus effectively fights acne
  • Galvanic therapy is a pleasant massage; it can be compared to a stream of water so it is virtually painless
  • It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and has many benefits
  • The cosmetic industry has been using it for over 50 years

What is galvanisation and how does it work?

Do you know the often – mentioned word galvanisation but do not know exactly what it is and how it works? Let’s briefly explain its principle.

Let’s start technically. Don’t worry, we won’t go into too much complex detail. Galvanisation uses a low voltage electric current specially designed for cosmetic purposes and aesthetic procedures. When treating skin by galvanisation, a direct current penetrates the skin and stimulates skin cells.

Thanks to the effect of the low current, the skin gets softer and cleaner with regular use of galvanic products. Your skin is then rid of impurities and its structure softens so it is smooth and tight.

Moreover, cosmetic products are absorbed more effectively thanks to galvanisation. They penetrate deeper into the skin, reaching a layer called the dermis where collagen and elastin are produced. Galvanisation helps to nourish the skin from the inside. It improves hydration and blood circulation in the face and so your skin is nourished and appears brighter.

Skin Galvanisation - The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne? 25What is its price?

The price of galvanisation varies from salon to salon and because it must be done regularly, it can be quite expensive in the long term. An option to save money on treatments, is to buy your own galvanic spa with which you can galvanise your skin at home.

Do not try to save money on equipment at any cost! You should choose a quality product because the effects can vary greatly. For home therapy, you can choose the  RECLAR blade which is regularly used by more than 1000 satisfied customers.

Home galvanic spa: why is it an anti-age trend?

Have you noticed fine wrinkles and lines that appeared on your face around 30? With current stress levels and other adverse factors from the air, it is understandable that your skin ages prematurely.

Here is where the galvanic current comes in. It tightens the skin and helps restore its elasticity. It prevents wrinkles effectively. The home galvanic spa is an anti-age trend of today and you should start using it immediately.

If you have been buying expensive anti-wrinkle creams without any result, don’t despair. It is never too late for galvanisation. We know from the experience of our customers that the RECLAR galvanic blade helps women over 65 as well. Now you can make the most of your cosmetic products thanks to the blade and smooth your skin structure and wrinkles with an easy home solution.

Galvanic spa for acne? Curing with the RECLAR blade before and after

As we mentioned previously, ridding your skin of wrinkles is not the only thing galvanisation is good for. It helps with inflammation as it cleans your skin and gets rid of impurities.

It not only prevents acne but also corrects damaged tissue and fastens the healing process. It helps get rid of unpleasant and ugly pimples which can be bothersome.

Examples of the effects of galvanisation in combination with blue light therapy which helps fight acne are described in Mrs Monika Mrlinová’s review. Look at the wonderful effects of light and galvanic therapy before and after!

Skin Galvanisation - The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne? 26

„I bought RECLAR mainly because I started getting acne on my face. I got big painful bumps which did not look good at all. The peeler obviously did not help me in a day but with regular use in the morning and in the evening, I got rid of my acne in 2 months…“

When galvanisation might not be suitable

Even though the low electrical current is, based on existing research, totally harmless for a healthy individual, there are cases in which galvanisation should be avoided. Galvanic therapy is not suitable for people with an artificial cardiac pacemaker or heart disease. It should also be avoided by pregnant women and people with metal implants.

If you suffer from diabetes, epilepsy or a serious thyroid disease, consult the usage of galvanic devices with your doctor.

How to use galvanisation at home?

If you’ve decided to buy a galvanic blade, congratulations, you are just a couple of steps away from beautiful skin! The process of galvanisation is simple with the correct device so you needn’t worry about home use. The process is as follows:

  1. Clean your face with a product you regularly use, eventually apply peelingSkin Galvanisation - The most popular therapy against wrinkles and acne? 27
  2. Apply your favourite facial mask, serum or cream
  3. Turn on the galvanic function of the blade (blue or red light on the RECLAR blade) and apply to skin. Slide it from the inner face out.
  4. You should feel soft vibrations indicating the device is working
  5. If the serum or cream dries in the process, moisten your skin with water
  6. Galvanise your skin for a couple of minutes (the RECLAR blade will switch itself to basic mode after a given time)
  7. And you’re done! You can now apply cream or let the skin absorb the already used products.

So? It sounds fairly easy, doesn’t it? If you want to achieve truly great galvanisation and support its effects with light therapy, read more about our RECLAR blade.


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The magic of ionisation: How does ION Mist spray work?

The magic of ionisation: How does ION Mist spray work?

You have probably already heard about the miraculous effects of ION Mist spray. ION Mist is different than ordinary skin fresheners. It ionises your skin, deeply hydrates it, and as a result, your skin is beautifully smooth and nourished. How does ionisation work and how is it beneficial? We have some very interesting facts for you.

5 quick facts about ionisationThe magic of ionisation: How does ION Mist spray work? 28

  • During ionisation, air molecules become electrically charged ions
  • The ionisation helps your skin to absorb moisture and skin? tonics. These pass through skin layers and hydrate deeply
  • Negative ions called anions fight bacteria and prevent their reproduction
  • Ionisation has been used in medicine since 1890. Nowadays, it is used in medicine for reducing excessive sweating or for speedier healing of injuries
  • The magic of ionisation in cosmetics was first discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by one of the first beauticians Ruth D. Maurer who devoted a large part of her life to it

The magic of ionisation: How does ION Mist spray work? 29Dry skin, not even facials and creams are helping?

Perhaps you know the feeling. You have several cosmetic products, including creams and facial products in your bathroom. You are trying to drink sufficiently and maintain a good diet. But despite all this effort, after applying makeup, your skin is uncomfortably dry and tense after a while.

How come that even quality cosmetic products you are using daily, don’t work?

The cause is most likely the fact that moisture cannot be fully absorbed into your skin. The cosmetic products cling to your skin but do not penetrate deeply enough and thus lose a lot of their desired effects. Your skin is dry, and you feel like all the efforts are in vain.

And this right here is where ionisation fits in.  The ionisation effects of the ION Mist spray will ensure moisture is absorbed deep into the skin and hydrate it from within. Let’s look at how it works exactly.

How does ionisation work?

Ionisation creates negative ion scaled anions. You may have heard about ionisation air fresheners. Anions are light negative ions which have a demonstrable influence on both the physical and mental well-being of a person. According to some studies, they can also stimulate brain activity The magic of ionisation: How does ION Mist spray work? 30and enhance memory, mental and physical efficiency. You can now experience their miraculous effects thanks to the ION Mist spray.

Applying anions onto the skin effectively improves its absorption. Cosmetic products can then be absorbed much deeper into the skin and their effects more beneficial and thus you can say goodbye to dry skin forever.

How does ionisation improve the skin’s absorption capabilities?

Our skin is always positively charged. The ION Mist spray electrifies the air and forms negative anions which are then attracted to the skin like a magnet. Moisture is absorbed deeply into the skin and stays “locked” in.

While ordinary sprays remain on the surface of the skin and evaporate quickly, the ionised tonic remains in the skin after application.

Disinfection and effectively fighting bacteria

Yet another amazing feature of anions is that they fight bacteria and prevent their reproduction. This is used for example by doctors and nurses in hospitals in injury healing, skin diseases and burns. You will surely appreciate this advantage in your everyday use of ION Mist.

It protects your skin against bacteria and outer harmful influences for 24 hours. To complete the sterilisation process, the ION Mist spray also contains white UV LED light which is activated with every use. This light sterilises the liquid inside and thus a sterile spray is being applied to your skin.

Hydration in a dry environment? Several times a day

Thanks to vibration used to spray the tonic; the ION Mist creates molecules like actual mist. There are no drops left on the skin, and the tonic is fully absorbed into the skin. Thanks to this, you can experience the amazing effects of ION Mist not only in the morning but throughout the day.

ION Mist spray is suitable for use on makeup which it won’t smudge. Even though ION Mist works on the first use for the whole day, in a very dry environment, we recommend freshening the skin several times a day.

Would you like to try our ION Mist spray and experience the effects of ionisation? Choose from two colour variations available from our e-shop!


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Light therapy: What is blue and red light capable of?

Účinky červeného a modrého světla

Red and blue light are gaining popularity in both beauty salons and home treatments. LED technology helps in curing acne, limits the effects of inflammation and fights ageing. So how does it work? Here, we put together some interesting information about light therapy!

5 quick facts about light therapy

  • LED light therapy uses various wavelengths including red and blue
  • It was initially used to treat injuries in the US Navy
  • Red light therapy is nowadays used in cosmetics, especially against wrinkles
  • Blue light therapy is used by beauty parlours to cure acne

Safety information

  • LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays in contrast to other types of light therapy
  • They are safe for ordinary use as LED light therapy does not cause skin burns
  • Both blue and red light can be used daily without any problems
  • It is safe for all skin types

Light therapy history

LED light therapy was used as early as the 90s in the US Navy. That is not to say that the soldiers were overly sensitive about their skin :-). LED light therapy helped them with quicker healing of their wounds and regeneration of damaged muscle tissue.   

Scientists started examining LED light for cosmetic purposes some time later. They found that various wavelengths and frequencies can have the same effect of a higher collagen content, smooth skin and lower the appearance of damage caused by ageing, acne and wrinkles. What’s more, LED light does not contain any harmful ultraviolet rays, so it was safe for everyday, even home, use.

How does the red light work?Light therapy: What is blue and red light capable of? 31

The red or infrared light is used to treat the epidermis (skin surface). The skin absorbs the light, and it stimulates collagen proteins.

The skin then has more collagen, looks smoother and fuller, which can lower the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also assumed that the red LED light reduces inflammation and enhances blood circulation, and thus your skin looks brighter and smoother.

Light therapy: What is blue and red light capable of? 32How does the blue light work?

Blue LED light therapy is focused on the sebaceous glands. These are necessary for skin and hair lubrication. They can, however, become hyperactive, and this can lead to greasy skin and acne.

Blue LED light therapy can target those oil  glands and make them less active. Blue light also kills the bacteria causing acne under the skin, which can help in treating serious acne problems, including cysts and nodules.

Blue light is also frequently used in combination with red LED light which helps with acne, heals scars and supports anti-inflammatory effects. According to some studies, blue LED therapy can enhance the healing of third-degree burns.


Comparative study on the ability to remove free radicals by blue and red light

Safety and possible side effects

As we have already stated, LED light therapy does not contain ultraviolet rays, and so it is considered a safe method of skin treatment. The procedure is non-invasive, has minimal risks and cannot cause permanent skin damage.

Even so, people should pay attention, for example when using some medications which intensify light sensitivity or with an active rash on their face. Side effects are very rare. In isolated instances, those can include erythema, rash, inflammation, urticaria, but all will subside when the therapy stops.

LED light therapy results – when to expect them?

The first changes on your skin can be visible after about 10 uses. Light therapy is recommended for use repeatedly and regularly because cells regenerate after some time. The skin may lose collagen again, and acne will return. Right here, is the great advantage of this household device which can be used daily.


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